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Frequently Asked Questions

Payment Terms:

Mowing Services & Jobs under $200:

All invoice balances are due on Net 30 terms (within 30 days of date listed on invoice).
All services may stop and cease if invoice balances are owed 45 days past the “Invoice Date” listed on invoices

Jobs totaling over $200:

50% of the total price quoted for jobs is due before work begins.
Payment covers materials and job-related expenses
Retainer will be refunded if job is canceled
The remaining balance is due on Net 30 terms (within 30 days of date listed on invoice).

Job Scheduling:

Our schedule quickly fills up and it is very difficult to reschedule other jobs, therefore extra is charged.
On demand jobs will be charged 1.5 - 3 times more than the normal price for a job
Example: You call me May 2nd and you need your beds mulched on May 4th because your having an outdoor party that day. The normal charge for the job would be $300, but since the job needs done so quickly, the job will be charged 3 times the base price at $900.


Minimum charge is $30 plus sales tax.
Based on size of lawn and estimated time it takes to complete work.
Frequency: Only 7 day mowings are available to customers.

General Mowing Schedule:

March/April – Sept. 20th: Once a week mowings (Less in times of drought)
Sept. 21st – Nov.: Mowing on an as needed basis (between every 1-2.5 weeks)

Cutting Height, Mowing in Moist Conditions:

I judge the conditions to decide the proper mowing height.
If lawns are wet, they might be mowed. Great caution is taken to prevent ruts and marks.

Bagging Fees:

Due to increased hauling and disposal costs, an extra fee of $3-10 will be charged for bagging if yards are bagged spring-fall
Varies depending on yard size and amount of clippings picked up.
New Customers: Lawns needing mowed over 4.5 inches tall
Very high grass is very destructive to equipment and it takes much longer to mow and make the lawn look attractive.
Lawns will be charged 2-4 times more than the base price for a mowing, depending on how high the lawn is.
Mowing lawn with 6 in grass: $30 base x 3.5 = $105 charge

Mulch Installations & Tuneups:

Mulch: Based on by the yard of mulch charge (1 yard covers 100 square feet at 3 inch depth)
Depending on location of beds, hills and other factors, the cost to install mulch is between $80-110 yards.
The normal charge is between $80-90 per yard.
Bed Edging: Based on the amount of yards installed
For every yard of mulch installed, $20-30 is charged, depending on length of beds

Organic Fertilization:

Only Offered to existing mowing clients


Regular fertilization will gradually improve turf health, thickness
Weed Suppression
Organic fertilizers do not have toxic components in them to control weeds. Extra services will likely be needed to manage weeds such as:
spot spraying weeds with natural products
reseeding poor performing area

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