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Organic Services

A healthy and balanced diet allows your mind and body to be stronger and more productive. You also are less prone to disease and illness. Organic lawn care is exactly like having a well-balanced and healthy diet.

What is Organic Lawn Care?

Organic lawn care is the process of creating healthy lawns by employing the use of natural inputs, like fertilizers (food) to create a well-balanced diet and proper maintenance techniques, like proper mowing practices (exercise) to increase lawn productivity. This organic diet and exercise enhances the quality and health of the soil and grass.

Overview and Expectations of Service:

  • Regular fertilization gradually improves turf appearance and health of the soil.
  • Products in organic fertilizer do not kill weeds (synthetic, toxic chemicals do)
  • Organic fertilizer increases lawn thickness to gradually minimize weeds
  • Additional services, like reseeding spotty areas & aeration are recommended to quicken results.

Organic Lawn Care Facts:

  • Safe for All Humans, Pets & the Environment
  • 100% natural and non-toxic products are used.
  • Pets and children can use the lawn immediately after applications, as the components used in organic products are safe and non-toxic.
  • Chemical/synthetic fertilizers lead to:
  • Increased cancer rates especially among children and pets.
  • Polluted waterways (byproducts leach through soil into water systems).

Why its more effective than synthetic/chemical programs:

Have you ever seen a child splurge on an excess of sugary candy and caffeinated pop? They experience a sugar rush full of energy for a short moment of time. After the rush ends, they need more sugar to sustain their energy, otherwise they crash and become depleted of energy. Synthetic fertilizers can be compared to a sugar rush. The fertilizers act like a sugar to provide a rush of energy in the form of nutrients to the grass plant. The grass reacts quickly to this input, but the lawn needs to be constantly fed these chemicals to receive its fix.

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